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Build distributed applications in

BigData, ML, Blockchain, IoT & more

with Web technology !

Build distributed applications in

BigData, ML, Blockchain, IoT & more

with Web technology !


A dataflow framework in Javascript
for building & deploying distributed computing software


Vendors / Companies


gives you the ability to start off quickly, minimise operating costs, develop in multiple domains and gain competitive edge,

with just a standard web development team

enables you to start off quickly with only a minor learning curve,
& stay versatile enough to develop in multiple distributed technologies

with just standard javascript skills

Get started with distributed computing, immediately

using your existing web development team

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Turbo boost productivity with 6.5 Million Javascript libraries

Find anything from Social media APIs to advanced Neural network / ML algorithms from the largest dev ecosystem in the world

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Code as usual, without worrying about complexities

Design your app / backend as a series of flows designed to run on a single machine. St8Flo takes care of spreading the excecution across your clusters, and automatically handles the complexities of managing state, routing, fault tolerance etc.

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Don't want to code ?
Use visual graph based tools

for real-time editing, monitoring, debugging your app's data flows, as well as managing your clusters

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Develop 15+ diverse technologies,
with the same team

including BigData, ML, Blockchain, IoT and more...

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Know Javascript ?
you already know most of St8Flo

St8Flo is javascript under the hood, built on top of friendly technologies like NodeJS, also runs in the browser, and can integrate most libraries from the 6.5 Million+ NPM ecosystem

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Gain upto 40x savings on deployment by minimising cloud infra

and replacing all or part of it, with super easy on-prem clusters

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Minimise bespoke skills and multiple codebases

in favour of simplified teams and the largest hiring pool

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Micro control your data

Control how your apps's data flows to specific machines or clusters within your system, based on needs like security, performance, geographic proximity, configuration etc, from within your app's code

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Develop in 15+ diverse technologies,
with just one skill : javascript

including BigData, ML, Blockchain, IoT and more...

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Work in progress

Break into new markets and

Get started,
with existing infra

St8Flo apps can be built by Javascript (web) developers, and run on machines clustered by the St8Flo runtime (a NodeJS app or browser instance). The runtime can run in the background on a machine that's being used, and is trivial to setup.

Start easy

All you need is -

- your existing web development team

- some machines (dedicated, OR in-use like employee laptops, OR cloud instances, OR any combinations),

- and basic connectivity like the office wifi, to connect all these machines together.

Scale it up

Once started, you can always ramp it up and squeeze more juice out of everything you have - with dedicated machines, performance tuning, micro management of flows etc.

But why make that a barrier to entry !

Focus on your app,
leave the complexities to St8Flo

Data Plumbing

St8Flo is a plumbing API that lets you design your app as a series of interconencted and reactive Flo's (data flow units), that take action on incoming packets of data, and define the overall behaviour of the system.

Powerful Abstractions

Under the hood, St8Flo will distribute Flo execution across all your machines, handle all typical distributed computing complexities like distributed state, ordering, consensus etc, in a transparent manner.

Robust routing, Dynamic data locality

St8Flo also offers a robust Routing API, to let you micro control where your flows are getting executed (data / compute locality), based on several factors like proximity, execution environment, machine capabilities, configured groups etc.

Here's a quick 8 Step developer's tour of St8Flo.

Simplify teams,
Break down silos
and hire efficiently

St8Flo helps you minimise the costs and need of hiring bespoke expertise, who are expensive, harder to hire, and tend to work in silos, since skills are not understood by other team members.

Instead, your team is now comprised of standard web developers,
all of who :

- speak the same most popular language (Javascript) , work together over a unified codebase & collaborate faster.

- can be quickly & affordably hired from the largest ( @ 71.5% ) developer talent pool

- plus, are multi-purpose... can handle essential web and marketing development, in addition to your distributed app.

Rather than learning multiple bespoke skills,

Invest in a unified framework and a universally applicable language

St8Flo is built with Javascript, a language that has universal application even beyond the web

- from websites, servers, mobile apps, databases and connectivity,

- to app scripting in Excel, VSCode, Atom

- to full blown Games, IoT, Torrents, Music synthesis

- to recent push into analysis, machine learning and neural networks as well

- and now with St8Flo : into distributed computing

If you had to pick something to learn,
doesn't St8Flo + Javascript make sense ?

St8Flo is standard JavaScript, with a few added frills

Why Javascript ??
It's the undisputed langugage of the web, has the largest dev community, is powerful to program in, growing fast and has a really bright future...and we're not the only ones saying so.

But most of all, it offers:

Turbo boost productivity
& leave your competitors behind, with

The largest dev ecosystem

650,0000+ libraries of pre-built code :

- from a 3x larger ecosystem than the nearest competitor (ie Java), and growing faster than all others.

- for anything from web scraping and Social media APIs, to advanced stats, ML and neural network algorithms.

Fault tolerant
programmable routing
Visual monitoring

Deploy your app on cloud,
but save upto 40x by running it

Easily on-prem

Headache free management to :

- Add / Remove commodity machines on the fly

- Built-in fault tolerance to handle network outages, system crashes, hardware failures

- Programmable routing to dynamically handle compute / data locality and redundancy

- Remote monitoring options for non-local deployments

Go visual

St8Flo provides a comprehensive suite of visual tools to compose your flows, monitor your data as it flows through the cluster, test and debug them as needed.

Real-time view of the cluster and dataflow

Pause or slow down the cluster anytime and trace out exactly which packet went where & its contents

Step through the history, to figure out how it got there.

Inject new packets to test behaviours

Use it to build

Big data pipelines, warehousing ETL & APIs

Source data from the web / files / databases, pipe it through various transformations, store it in a distributed manner (ETL) and expose results as an API

Distributed databases

Automatically transform files and datasets that are too large to handle normally, into a fast distributed index that can be queried and exposed as REST APIs

Distributed Excel / Spreadsheets

Manage large computations on excel, by passing the bulk of the work to St8Flo clusters and exposing the results for further manipulation on Excel

Business process workflows

Automate co-ordination between departments by automatically routing data and files, from one team to the next, as tasks are completed

Business analytic apps

Complete number crunching solutions that can process raw data into different charts and graphical insights, for various stakeholders

Distributed Archiving Automations

Automate the transfer and archive of old mails, important documents, case files etc into multiple computers that act as redundant storage boxes.

Distributed Web crawlers / scrapers

Speed up your web data mining processes by running them in parallel across all your machines

Machine learning apps

Pipe tensor / matrix computations across machines and have them run parallely. Add in GPU support where needed.

Serverless / Microservice backends

Map flows to each microservice and configure the routing. Cluster8 will automatically handle the loadbalancing

Reactive IoT apps

Make your device behave like a reactive swarm by simply defining what it needs to do. St8Flo will automatically handle the control logic

Blockchain frameworks

Leverage p2p connectivity & web cryptography to build frameworks without worrying about connectivity, syncronization or data transfer.

Distributed Crypto mining

Use JS Crypto libraries to design your own miners and run it in parallel acrosss machines

Clustered mobile apps

Build a cluster out of your mobile hybrid-app users. Distribute your servers workload across users

Ad-hoc Student / Community Data labs

Any group of people such as Students, can simply connect their laptops to a common network - and instantly create a cluster for computing and experiments

Compute, Storage volunteering

Accumulate power and storage on a massive scale through resources voluteered by fans and community


completed / work in progress

Routing API

Dynamically change data and compute locality from within your code

Visual UI

design and monitor flows using drag-n-drop and graph based editing.

Fault Tolerance

maintains integrity even in the face of shutdowns, crashes and network faults

Distributed State

App shared state is automatically synchronized across machines, and used transparently like a normal object

Security / SSL

Configurable Web native security standards for inter & intra cluster communications

Browser Compatibility

Same codebase embedded into front-end frameworks, seamlessly connects frontend & distributed backend.

P2P v1

Data transfer and node-node communication is decentralised, with only a central signalling server

Native distributed store

A St8Flo module for distributed store thats extremely adaptable using the routing API, instead of relying on external services

P2P v2

Fully decentralised clusters, able to handle secure communication across the internet.

Hadoop stack integrations

API integrations developed for compatibility and interfacing with existing infrastructure

Native ML libraries

St8Flo modules implementing ML algorithms in distributed Javascript, and native C/C++

Tensorflow integration

Tensorflow.js may be integrable and adapted for distributed execution over St8Flo clusters.

IoT ecosystem integrations

API integrations developed for interfacing with existing IoT sensors and technology

Usecase examples

Quick and easily replicatable proof of concepts for each of the listed use-cases.

Performance optimizations

Last mile optimizations to increase raw, per-instance performance