Reactive, distributed dataflow framework
that runs on Cluster8 clouds

for building distributed applications with Javascript.

Useful for

Big Data

Data warehousing

Distributed storage + APIs

Business analytics

Business processs management

Machine learning

Just define

What to do, When

& the sequence of flows

& set values for markers

anywhere in your code, as and when applicable

St8Flo converts it into control logic


After the "sayHello" flow is initially triggered with an input,

it waits for the when condition
i.e. { userInput : 'Hi' }


The moment "userInput" marker is set to 'Hi', anywhere in your code,

"sayHello" automatically executes and outputs a response


then triggers the next flow "flow_messageOfTheDay",

passing its own results as input.

& Cluster8 distributes execution across the cloud

Cluster8 takes the output of "sayHello" on one machine,
and pipes it into "flow_messageOfTheDay" on another machine

while automatically handling,
routing, clustering and recovery from network faults.

St8Flo + Cluster8

to build

Big data pipelines, warehousing ETL & APIs

Source data from the web / files / databases, pipe it through various transformations, store it in a distributed manner (ETL) and expose results as an API

Distributed databases

Map indexing code to a flow, and have automatically execute across all valid nodes, creating a distributed index that can then be queried using exposed APIs

Distributed Excel / Spreadsheets

APIs exposed from the distributed database / big data pipelines can be interfaced with Excel's JS API. Alternately, build your own spreadsheet solution using JS libraries

Business process workflows

Map flows to business processes and use the in-built conditional reactivity to trigger flows only when parent business processes are complete

Business analytic apps

Use flows to run analytical computations and show results on web dashboards using charting libraries

Distributed Archiving Automations

Files, data can be analysed, modified and then piped to multiple backup destinations automatically

Distributed Web crawlers / scrapers

Map simple web crawling code to a flow. and see it automatically run in parallel across machines

Machine learning apps

Split computations into matrix / tensor math and map a flow to each transformation. Add in GPU support through WebGL, big decimal support through JS libraries

Serverless / Microservice backends

Map flows to each microservice and configure any special conditions or routing. Cluster8 will automatically handle the loadbalancing

Reactive IoT apps

Reactivity & routing, allow for constructing complex swarm logic, quite intuitively.

Blockchain frameworks

Leverage p2p connectivity & web cryptography to mine blocks and store into nodes and mirror nodes

Distributed Crypto mining

Use JS Crypto libraries to design your own miners and run it in parallel acrosss machines

Clustered mobile apps

Build a cluster out of your mobile hybrid-app users. Map flows to user's threadIDs, and distribute computations over their devices. Cluster8 will automatically handle premature disconnections

Ad-hoc Student / Community Data labs

Students in a classroom, can simply connect their laptops to a common network to instantly create a cluster, to quickly run experiments on any web / file / database source

Compute, Storage volunteering

Run massive scale computations through the combined computing resources of fans and community

Or pretty much any other
Javascript based distributed application,

that you can think of !