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Struggling when your CSV
is too big for Excel ?


Wrestle with datasets, not complex infrastructure

How do I open a 500 MB csv file ?
How do I setup Hadoop ?
How do I run MySQL on multiple computers to speed things up?

Data analysis beyond excel spreadsheets, can be a frustrating experience.

With many different softwares that involve complicated setups, you must first wade through a sea of technical complexities, before actually getting down to what you set out to do : ie, analyse the data !

DataDoc provides a simple-to-operate alternative,
so that you get straight to your data !

Conquer GBs of data, in 3 easy steps

1. Install
Install DataDoc on as many computers as you want to combine.
2. Index
Setup your datasets on each computer & click "Index".
3. Query
Type a query & see the results, instantly.

DataDoc automatically clusters (combines) the power of multiple computers, indexes datasets into their combined memory, and makes the data available for powerful distributed querying.




(via Docker)

Cloud instances

(via Docker)

Runs anywhere,
including your team's laptops

Cluster up your team's mac and windows machines, Or spread the workload across cloud instances.


Input / Output
  • CSV files
  • Excel files
  • SQL dumps
  • Database connectors
  • Webpage parsers
  • Multi dataset Joins
  • Sorts, Filters & Indexes
  • Normalization & Similarity
  • Statistical analysis
  • Custom JS functions
  • Subset previews
  • SQL/NoSQL/Spreadsheet
  • Graphs
  • Raw data
  • JSON inspector

Early bird invites !

DataDoc is nearing completion and will see its first release in a few weeks.

Meanwhile, we're giving away

30 lifetime free accounts,

in exchange for early signups & feedback,
split as below

- 15 first signups

- 15 most detailed / insightful answers that help us understand what all you need

Signup now !

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Header background image by - I created this image myself to show the raw data used in my analysis of Wikipedia's use of the word "stampede". CC BY-SA 3.0